If you are thinking about upgrading your equipment, now is the time with Exercise Express USA. We offer consignment opportunities for those who purchase a new piece of equipment from us. We do ask that you discuss the consignment prior to the equipment sale so we can determine the value of the consigned piece.

We do understand that all pieces of equipment have value to them and to the owner. Our goal is to ensure that we can sell the piece of equipment to a new owner. Not all equipment will have a re-sale value so it is important that you discuss all details prior to the sale. It is important that the piece(s) of equipment are in working order prior to offering the equipment for consignment. We do inspect each piece of equipment fully to ensure all is in working order. This is to ensure that the future owner has the assurance that we’ve thoroughly inspected the equipment to the best of our ability.

Please contact us for full details of consignment, 989-781-6700.