exercise equipment delivery and installation

Exercise Equipment Delivery and Installation

You just purchased your new piece(s) of exercise equipment and it’s all boxed up ready to go. Let’s check that out once more, it’s not quite ready to go. It needs to be assembled. We can assemble the equipment in the store and have it ready for pick-up at no cost to you. Most houses will not accommodate the width of a treadmill or the height of an elliptical. A home gym weight set likely wouldn’t fit in the back of the truck. You need to reduce your stress and utilize our Exercise Equipment Delivery and Installation service.

Exercise Equipment Delivery and Installation

People getting stressed out with trying to get their equipment in their home is exactly why we offer delivery AND installation. We will deliver the equipment to your desired location and we will install it in the exact location you choose. Most delivery services offer a 4-8 step delivery service. This means that if they have to take it up a few stairs, they will only do so for 4 to 8 steps. At that point it’s on you to get it to the desired location. Let our experts handle all of this for you.

We offer a discounted rate to the tri-city area of $159. If you are outside of the tri-cities, we can still handle getting the equipment delivered and installed but we ask that you call for an official quote. We deliver to every corner of Michigan and that includes our friends in the U.P. Give us a call and we can get you an estimated price on the delivery and installation of your exercise equipment.

Price: $159*+

*Within the tri-cities
+If outside the tri-cities, please call for a quote (989-781-6700)