Exercise Equipment Repair

No matter how much you enjoy working out, a broken or under performing machine can ruin your day. Let Exercise Express handle your exercise equipment repair and/or maintenance of all your treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and home gyms. We handle everything from minor tune-ups like; sticking belts, noises & belt replacement, to tracking down intermittent issues.

Exercise Equipment Repair

The first step is to determine what is wrong with your equipment. We cannot accurately determine that without a diagnostics call. In that step we come to your location and diagnose the problem(s) you have with the unit. We will then discuss with you the next steps to handling the repair. Most times the equipment is going to require parts to complete the repair. There are 1000s of units out there so parts will need to be ordered.

We can get parts from most manufacturers, and for everything else, we use Fitness Repair Parts.

In rare instances, we may be able to repair the unit upon the initial call. Based on our experience, it is best to factor in the initial diagnostics call as well as an additional call to handle the actual repair (which would be the parts & labor cost). Do not continue to use your equipment in it’s ill-functioning state or you will likely cause further damage. The cost to replace the piece of equipment will likely outweigh the repair cost, but do not be tempted to continue using it. Let us handle it all. We’ve been handling client calls for nearly 20 years and we can safely say we are the best in the business.

The rate for a service call is $100 in the Tri-City area. Give us a call, or use the Service Form on this page and we will take that problem off your hands! We can handle your service and repair needs outside of the Tri-City area (Bay City, Saginaw, Midland) but additional trip charge(s) will be applied. Simply give us a call and we can discuss those rates.

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Price: $100*+

*Noted by the following:

  • Price is for the service call.
  • Discounted rates are applicable if you purchased your equipment from Exercise Express USA.
  • Additional fees will apply for the actual repairs.
  • Fees will vary based upon the necessary repair(s).
  • Please call for an accurate quote, especially for those residing outside the tri-city area (989-781-6700).