Home Gym or Gym Membership – Which is better?

The first investment was in yourself and in taking the step toward a healthier lifestyle. The next investment in yourself is the decision between a home gym or gym membership. It’s not a snap decision for most people and for good reason. Here are some of the things that are likely going through your mind and some tips on which decision to make.


This is obviously the first because it is the most apparent. You need to invest in home gym (strength) equipment. What home gym equipment do you choose? We do have an article that discusses what you need to get started, check it out here. The benefit of a gym membership is that it already has the equipment you need to get started.

A home gym that is focused on strength when purchasing new equipment is going to start out at around $1000. New isn’t always necessary and we do have used strength equipment that we sell. There are other sources, like craigslist, family members, or garage sales. All of these are options to search for used equipment that will help build out your home gym. The cost of a gym membership is going to vary by the gym. Commercial gyms tend to be cheaper but they also come with a crowd of people likely using the same equipment you want to use. An average monthly fee for a gym membership is between $40-$60 per month (costs may be lower or higher based upon the region you are located).

The breakdown:

  • Home Gym – Basic (New) – $1000
  • Gym membership – $40 per month on the low end is $480 per year

$1000 is more than $480 per year, but you also own that $1000 worth of equipment. The money you invest in a gym membership stays with the gym.


A home gym will likely take up a 10 foot by 6 foot space that will provide enough room for you to move around your equipment. This would be for a rack, barbell, and a bench in terms of space needs. This will take up a decent footprint in your house. A gym membership likely comes with a card that fits on your keychain or inside your wallet.

Oftentimes, people find that they can clear some space out of an unused area of their residence. A gym membership won’t require any space clearing. If space is a major concern, then it is important to keep space requirements in mind.


A home gym is just that, at home. A gym is going to require traveling to and from the gym. The travel time to and from the gym, as well as cleaning up after a workout (showering) all means extra time outside of the home. This is not as much of an issue for those without a family. Your family may be able to go with you, but that may also require some convincing.

Time is often the culprit when it comes to starting your fitness journey. A home gym allows you to save time by working out at home. The travel time to and from the gym can often be the time it takes to complete a workout. Then, you have the convenience of cleaning up at home and going about your day (or evening).

Cost is often at the forefront of the conversation, but time is the key. It’s important to remember that you can buy time when it comes to fitness, it just comes in the form of home gym equipment.

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