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Let’s face it, getting or staying fit can be complicated. It shouldn’t be, but often is, as the buyer learns which features are important to meet his/her/their needs, goals and budget. The ideal equipment for weight loss may be different from what is required for sport specific training. The decision can be affected by injuries or physical limitation, both natural and accidental. General conditioning and fitness needs and expectations can be different for families with multiple users and multiple expectations. We have developed a FIT guideline to help simplify these concerns and make your goals a reality.


A knowledgeable client understands what they purchased and why, making them more satisfied that one that buys the first item they look at. We know that the vast majority of time we have the best prices combined with installation and service after the sale. The internet is great for finding some information and pricing, but not so great when you have problems and you can’t find local support when you need it.


We are often surprised by how many people are willing to make a substantial investment in their health without taking a test drive. Our store has over 50 different pieces set up and ready to experience. Experience will tell you whether its a piece you can love or just a coat hanger. Think of it this way- you wouldn’t buy clothes without knowing how they fit, so why would you treat a treadmill or elipptical differently?


Shopping primarily by price is one of the mistakes we see most often. What we suggest is to determine your goals and look at equipment that will get you there. Buying on price alone often reduces your chances of finding the best possible solution. The equipment you purchase is like the tools you buy to complete a task. Poor tools are less comfortable and easy to use, and often degrade your results. Fitness is no exception. If you compromise on the feel, usability or durablilty of your machine, you will be less likely to use it in general. If it does recieve the use that you are planning, it may fail. This leaves you with the hassle of obtaining service, and worse yet may break your habit.


Once you know what your needs are, don’t be tempted to compromise on quality. If you want an elliptical but your budget is $500, you may be tempted to buy that $499 unit that they just marked down from $1000. Please don’t. That unit will not hold up, won’t be enjoyable and most likely was never worth $1000. Buy a bike and a few dumbbells, as you can get a great bike on this budget. Later when you are closer to where you want to be, you can add the pieces that were too costly before.