How to Fix Blinking Lights On Exercise Equipment

Disclaimer: Make sure the treadmill is unplugged and turned off. It is a safety hazard to perform maintenance tasks while the treadmill is turned on.

Sometimes you get onto your bike or your elliptical, or other external powered machine, and you have a situation like you just saw. Console will come on periodically, or intermittently, but not stay on long enough for you to operate the console. Sometimes this can be a serious issue.

The Most Common Damage

Many times it’s caused by simple things that go on around your house. Because most of these (exercise equipment) are pushed up against a wall, people will sometimes step and catch the back side of the plug. Sometimes damage is caused to this receptacle or to the plug itself by stepping between the wall and the unit or vacuuming.

Many times a vacuum will hit this and cause a crack inside there or even pull it out slightly. If you can reseat it, it does not wiggle, and this returns normal operation to the console, you’re done. If you notice that there’s quite a bit of play in there, it wiggles back and forth (especially if the console goes on and off as you wiggle it) you’ll need to have that receptacle replaced which is not terribly hard to do. (The other option). Or call us the friendly, helpful professionals and we’ll do it for you.

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