Invest In Yourself

Deals, deals, deals! The lowest price we’ve ever offered! Buy now before the savings are gone. All of these attention grabbing titles to get your attention. It’s very easy to buy in because the cost can be justified for whatever you are buying. The image looks great, so the product must be just as good. It is a bit cheaper than similar items, but pricing is just a retailer’s game, right?

Deal Hunting

I’ll be the first person to tell you that bargain hunting is in my blood. I am not going to pay top dollar for an item. I’ll hunt for the deal or find a similar product at a lower price. I figured that a lower price would justify some issues with the product, after all it was cheaper. It’ll still be worth it though, right?

Unfortunately, this happens all day, everyday to the majority. We cannot pass up a better price on something, even if that something seems too good to be true. We unwrap or unbox it in all of its glory waiting to be seen. Finally, you see it once again. You’ve been had. The price brought you to check it out and the picture sealed the deal. That price was too good to be true and that picture was as photoshopped as a magazine cover photo.

Anticipation Becomes Expectation

It’s very easy to justify a lower price and still have the hopes of the product turning out to be better than expected. However, our expectations always rise while we wait. It’s the buildup that occurs naturally. There’s a reason TV shows have cliffhangers, because it builds anticipation. That exact thing happens when you order things online at a steal.

You wait a few days and that anticipation keeps building as you watch that tracking information on your package. The ring at the doorbell lets you know it’s time. The unveil is always a letdown though. We experience the same thing with cliffhangers, because as that anticipation builds, so do expectations. Your mind starts to create things and those are the expectations of what’s to come. There have been very few times where a bargain on an item was as expected. It’s important to read this over a few times to let it sink in.

Help Is On The Way

Here’s the help that I can provide. Start by looking for a few items that are similar. Let’s say it’s a home gym and you’ve got a pricepoint in mind for that home gym. Find the gym that is at the highest price you are willing to pay. Then, find the gym that is lower than the highest pricepoint you are willing to buy. Finally, find a gym that is more than you are willing to pay.

Now, look over the different specifications of these gyms. What is the size of the gym? How much does it weigh? Is there a warranty offered? When the images are compared next to each other, which one looks more durable? Chances are that the gym that costs the most; will be a bit larger (or have more usable features), will weigh the most, and will look the most durable.

This is not a scam, so don’t allow your mind to go there. As bargain hunters, we want to keep our cost to a minimum. However, we’ve also had years of experience being let down. Stop doing that. The things that you buy for yourself are a means of investing in yourself. These items represent you and what you think of yourself. It may not be easy to see it that way at first, but it’s exactly that. This is different than what you can afford. People can afford a lot of things when they go over their expenses. Things that are small wants, become purchases (i.e. fast food, and items less than $10 per purchase). These items limit the bigger and better investments. The ones that can better represent you. Don’t allow that to keep happening. Look at the future purchases that you make for yourself as investments in yourself.

It’s Ok To Invest In Yourself

If you want to exercise, but the equipment doesn’t work that great, is that motivating? No, it’s a let down and you stop exercising. If you buy clothes at a bargain price because you think they’ll be just as good as the ones that cost a little more, you are going to be let down. Stop doing that and reward yourself. Take this all from someone who has done all of these things and has finally made the changes to invest in myself.