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How does your fitness fit?

This is the question you should be asking yourself. In the fitness industry, we are often asked “What is your secret?”. If there is a fitness secret, it is this: Do what works for you. Great, you say, but it seems nothing works for me. That is where the Fit Guys from Exercise Express come in. We know that a successful fitness program has to fit many aspects of your life. It needs to be as comfortable as possible, you need to enjoy(or at least not dislike) what you are doing. It has to be done often enough to matter, but not so much that you become exhausted either mentally or physically. Your exercise shouldn’t make old injuries worse or cause new ones. How do we address these concerns?


Our experience has shown us that addressing this issue in four parts gets most clients close to a solution. These parts are defined by the mnemonic FITT, which is Frequency,Intensity,Time and Type. These four factors can help to determine how often, how hard, how long and what type of exercise would be most effective for you. We have developed this system over the last 20 years of experience with thousands of clients and countless pieces of equipment. The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. Billions of people use it for shopping,learning and interacting globally. The internet is product oriented. Unfortunately, it so far can’t help with what makes your lower back hurt when you walk or carry a heavy elliptical into your basement. That is where we come in. At Exercise Express, we know fitness. We know that you face unique challenges, whether it be limited space, limited time, old injuries or just plain old motivation. If you are ready to start your fitness journey and want advice and expertise on what to get, how to get it there or how it goes together…

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