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The First Step To Fitness

The fitness world is a bit intimidating, right? You decide to head to the gym but you are nervous. Your mind tells you that everyone is going to be staring at you because you’re new. While that isn’t really the case at gyms, there is a different route that you can take. This route isRead More

Welcome to a new you! Fitness Motivation

WHAT DO I NEED? Let’s face it, getting or staying fit can be complicated. It shouldn’t be, but often is, as the buyer learns which features are important to meet his/her/their needs, goals and budget. The ideal equipment for weight loss may be different from what is required for sport specific training. The decision canRead More

Exercise Equipment Consignment

If you are thinking about upgrading your equipment, now is the time with Exercise Express USA. We offer exercise equipment consignment opportunities for those who purchase a new piece of equipment from us. We do ask that you discuss the consignment prior to the equipment sale so we can determine the value of the consignedRead More

Exercise Equipment Repair

No matter how much you enjoy working out, a broken or under performing machine can ruin your day. Let Exercise Express handle your exercise equipment repair and/or maintenance of all your treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and home gyms. We handle everything from minor tune-ups like; sticking belts, noises & belt replacement, to tracking down intermittent issues. ExerciseRead More

Exercise Equipment Installation

You’ve just purchased your brand new piece(s) of exercise equipment and it’s at your door. You are ready to get started, but don’t know where to get started. The box has everything you need but it’s unrecognizable compared to the what it should look like when setup. Let us at Exercise Express USA take careRead More