AC5000-INT | 110v or 220v – Side handrail switches

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Through innovative fitness technologies and programs, SCIFIT provides wellness solutions that meet the needs of the wide range of individuals served by the fitness and health care industry. SCIFIT provides excellent quality products, programs and service. SCIFIT is the…”Scientific Solutions For Fitness.”™

The SCIFIT AC5000 Treadmill is a commercial treadmill with a low starting speed of only 0.1 mph, making it ideal for those in need of an easy start while progressing to their workout goals. The generous, 22″ x 62″ running surface can comfortably accomodate users of virtually any size, and the maintenance-freedeck has a shock absorption system for users to workout in comfort. The SCIFIT AC5000 Treadmill is built with the user in-mind, and made with durable components that will last.

The AC5000 employs the Intelli-Fit console. It’s not just a new console for SCIFIT products, it also supplies programs, tests, and training protocols that provide the medical accuracy of watts. The user can see the effectiveness of the workout and expect consistent results. It looks great on the outside, but it’s the science inside that makes a difference.


  • Low Starting Speed – Starts at 0.1 mph and increases to 12 mph in 0.1 increments.
  • Deck – Strong and durable eucalyptus hardwood deck requires no waxing or lubrication. It has improved shock absorption and is reversible which greatly extends the life of your deck.
  • Motor – The 3.0 hp AC Motor with variable frequency torque vector drive system will stand up to heavy use and stay quiet and smooth.
  • MP3 Compatible – The mP3 charger will keep users on and motivated.
  • Cooling Fans – Twin cooling fans with three settings will keep users comfortable and cool.
  • Handrail Switches – Side handrail switches adjust speed and elevation allowing the user multiple areas for easy adjustment.
  • Heart Rate – Contact pulse grips and wireless heart rate compatible with interactive heart rate programming.

Intelli-Fit Console:

One of the things that sets Intelli-Fit apart is the ability to demonstrate improvement. Small increments in time and resistance are just two of the ways to see immediate improvement and stay motivated.

  • Comprehensive – Intelli-Fit is the most comprehensive system for experiencing even the smallest improvements – down to .1 increments across a broad range of metrics.
  • USB Port – Record results to any USB memory stick (no software required) to track results and see improvement over time.
  • Assessments – Integrated assessment programs set a baseline and demonstrate progress.
  • Individualized Programming – Specially designed programs to help improve individual scores on heart and power assessments.
    • Cardiovascular Fitness – This is measured by heart rate recovery. Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score in beats per minute. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.
    • Power – Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score based on watts. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.