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Upright Bike

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Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike

Get on the Comfort U Upright Bike easily with the step-through upright frame. You can quickly find a perfect riding position with the fully adjustable seat. Your wrists will stay comfortable thanks to our thoroughly tested grips that correctly position your hands. This also helps to reduce strain on your wrists.

The Horizon Comfort U has a wide seat that adjusts vertically and horizontally and grips that reduce wrist strain. This upright bike is built to fit your body no matter how you’re built. Plus, the step-through frame makes it easy to get on! This makes it easier moving toward your fitness goals whether you’re brand new to cycling or an old pro. We also tended to the finer details and included a console design that supports a tablet without blocking the display. There is also an integrated hook to keep your towel within reach!

Why Horizon Fitness?

At Horizon Fitness, we focus on what matters in exercise equipment so you can focus on what matters in life. Horizon Fitness is your partner. We are inspired by your commitment to living the best life possible, and we support your efforts by making the best exercise equipment possible. Our goal is to help you reach your goals. We make exercise equipment that will stand up to your workouts for years. We invest in quality because your expectations and our standards are high. We all like things that last. We also know what the best fitness product for you is the one that you will use. We want to help you identify what you need and what feels good so that you can buy something that fits your body and your life.

Pricing includes home use warranty

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